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Kindergarten teachers love Regard graduates!  “Regard Kids have wonderful academic preparation and they are super citizens."

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Nurturing bright and compassionate citizens of our world.

Celebrating Play


People often ask, “Are you play based or academic?” At Regard, we believe the answer is simple; one could not exist without the other. The joy is in the balance.

Building Active Minds


Creative learning experiences, professional teaching team and small class sizes.~ Since 1991

Regard Grads Ready for the World


Happy, Strong, Confident and Compassionate

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Enrollment & Admissions

Regard Preschool offers parents options for their child’s schedule. Children may be enrolled three mornings each week or up to five full days. Regard is open year-round. Children may begin their enrollment throughout the year, when openings are available in our groups. We accommodate various schedules, depending upon our availability. 

Regard is licensed by the Sate of California to care for twenty-seven children, ages 2 - 6 yrs. old.

Many children begin at Regard as young as two-years-four months old, and grow in our program until they are ready for kindergarten. A readiness assessment visit is required for all children, prior to enrollment. We want children to be comfortable and ready for our school environment.

School Tours are scheduled throughout the year. We invite you to visit our campus for a small group tour, to learn more about our program. Our tours last approximately one hour and they are designed for adults only. We look forward to meeting your child at a later date. Applications for enrollment are only available during school tours. To be added to our waiting list, we must first have a completed application, including an application fee of, $35.00.

*Please view our section below for more information about current school tours and available enrollment. 

We are a small school, and we strive to maintain balance within our groups: a balance of full and part-time schedules, boys and girls, and ages of children. 

Hours of Operation:

Regard is open year-round, 7:30am thru 6:00pm.

Our half day program begins at 8am/8:30 and ends at 12:30pm.


Our unique small school environment allows us to provide your child with maximum consideration as an individual while in our care. We look after your child’s health and safety and present a planned program proven to be developmentally sound, educationally beneficial, nurturing and joyful. We strive to maintain a warm and enriching experience for your child and to be mindful of your needs as a family.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program at Regard has a reputation of excellence. Our Lead Teachers have Bachelor Degrees in Early Education and Elementary Education. Our school director and two of our senior teachers have previously taught in San Jose elementary schools and in Los Gatos. We understand  tools children will need to navigate kindergarten and beyond. We are delighted to build a foundation for the best possible academic beginning. Equally important to us at Regard, is that children learn to be kind and compassionate towards themselves and their community. 

What Parents Say About Regard

“Regard was an integral part of our family for 5 years. We chose Regard because of their emphasis on developing the whole child and supporting the values important to our family: trustworthines, respect, responsibility, caring and fairness. The director has selected the highest quality teaching staff that provides a caring, loving and fun environment. Our children truly loved each and every teacher. Music enriched their time at Regard, as did Yoga, Bike Days and diving in the leaves on fall afternoons. Regard really felt like a partnership between our family and the school. We could not have found a better start to our children’s learning. While Regard’s academics gave them a nice boost when joining private elementary school, it is the character foundation for which I am most grateful and the care and love with which these values were taught.”  ~ Allison M.

”Regard mimics the attributes of healthy relationships, households, and societies. There are expectations and norms. There are rewards and consequences. There is a schedule and there is spontaneity, too. My daughters have developed into self-assured, curious, and playful girls because they could rely on the structures, routines, and relationships promoted and nurtured at Regard. Quite simply--our family’s experience at Regard has made us better because we had Regard to model after when times were tough or when as parents we felt stretched thin. My girls have a wonderful foundation because of the commitment of the Regard teachers to each child.“ ~ Jennifer A.                             

”Thank you for the 8 years of love, support, patience, encouragement, educational excellence, and overall sense of security that my three children were in great hands each day.”  ~ Holly D. 

"It was clear from the day we took the tour that Regard was a labor of love. I just wanted to let you know that we noticed how many things the team did on a daily basis to make the experience great for the kids and the families. From the photos shared on day one to assure nervous parents, to the way Pre-K's mentor younger kids, to the awesome craft projects for every holiday, to the songs that help kids learn things like the days of the week, the experience was amazing for the whole family. We use a work term to describe Regard...we called it a "highly optimized experience", because it was clear that so many things had probably been perfected through years of refinements. Being part of  the Regard community had a huge impact on the boys and they are thriving now because of it. Thanks for all you did for our family and for continuing to do it for the whole community."  ~ Ken K. 

Current School Tours and Available Enrollment~

We thank you for your interest in Regard Preschool.

At this time, we have not scheduled our next school tour. If you would like for us to contact you when we have a date set for our next tour, please email us, and we will add your name to our contact list.        


*Our next possible openings will be for our new school year, which begins, August 19th, 2019. 

Our little school has experienced a very busy enrollment season. Many of our age groups have waiting lists. 

Thank You & Best Regards,  

Regard Preschool

~ since 1991

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